I Can't Play More Than One Multiplayer Game

In the MCC, no matter what playlist I select, I can never play multiple matches within that playlist unless I exit out of the playlist and start up the playlist again.

In the Main Menu, I go to Multiplayer, then select “Find Game”. This brings me to the Matchmaking playlist page. I select a playlist, I get into a multiplayer game, and I play the multiplayer game. Then the game ends, and it shows the Carnage Report/Post-Game stats. Here’s my problem: In the very upper right corner of the screen, it displays “Uploading Team Stats” which changes to a line of text that flashes “Press B to Continue”. I hope everyone knows what upper right corner of the screen I’m talking about: It’s above the stat boxes, it’s just really at the top of the screen and to the right.

But this upper right corner says “Press B to Continue”. Not “Next game beginning in 27 seconds…”. No matter how long I wait after a multiplayer game at the Carnage Report screen, the upper right corner just flashes “Press B to Continue”. When I do press B, I return to the Matchmaking playlist page. I don’t stay in the lobby and wait for another game to begin, I get returned to the Search for Games screen. This is indescribably annoying and frustrating. After completing a multiplayer game, the Carnage Report should show the stats, and the countdown to the next match should be counting down in the top right. Instead, in the top right it says “Press B to Continue” and when I press B, I’m returned to the Matchmaking playlist page. I then have to select the playlist again, and search for new players and get connected to a new server. Why can’t I just stay with the same players and the same server for a series of games? If anyone does know, how do I play multiple matches in a playlist? How do I make “Press B to Continue” turn into “Next game beginning in x seconds…”

A possible reason why I can’t play multiple matches in a playlist is my Xbox Live Gold. I’m using the free one month code Microsoft gave us for MCC compensation. Because I’m not actually paying for Xbox Live Gold, maybe that’s why it says “Press B to Continue”? Maybe because I’m using the one month code, I have to exit the lobby, select a playlist, and start the long process of finding a new match.

how long have you had this game for?

in the very begining it did used to go to the next match automatically.

they took that away to help fix multiplayer and have never brought it back.

I’m fully with you though its proper annoying having to start searching again, this is the first halo game where I’ve had to do this lol

Ah, I see. So 343i removed this feature to help fix multiplayer. I hope in the future 343i will re-implement starting the next match automatically, because that’s how it’s been in every other Halo (even Halo 5! Come on!). After finishing a game, I don’t want to start a new search for a game.