I can't play any halo mcc games except halo reach

Hi, i have the xbox game pass ultimate, for my xbox and my computer, i install the game on the computer but i only can play the halo reach campaign

I uninstall and reinstall like 3 times now. But i have the same issue.

Halo: Reach is currently the only MCC title available on PC. The other titles (CEA, 2A, 3, ODST, 4) are being worked on and will be released throughout the year in the order listed.
Flights (closed tests, essentially a beta) for CEA are expected to begin sometime soon though an exact date hasn’t yet been given.

Thanks for the answer. Had the same problem and did the same mistake (uninstall and install the game more than 3 times).

So what you say is we should be getting the rest by the end of this year, because I have the game pass also and thought I was going to actually buy the collection to get them