I can't move My MCC location

I have read on forums and other threads about the issue of moving the location and all anyone ever says is:

Go to Apps in Settings
Find MCC
And click move

However, My “Move” button is “greyed” out and won’t let me click it. I’ve moved all the add-ons to my HDD and am trying to move the main game from my SSD to my HDD, due to my SSD not having the adequate storage to update it. Anyone know how to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

Same problem here - very annoying, since it’s 134GB in size.

I completely uninstalled Steam which was originally installed on my SSD. I reinstalled the Steam app on my HDD. I also uninstalled the Master Chief Collection from my SSD and re-installed on my HDD. I had to re-downloaded all the campaign and multiplayer things again, however now the game is on the HDD. When re-installing the Master Chief Collection, the destination folder may still be set to SSD, therefore you must change it to the hard drive you prefer. You may also need to add the name of the extension manually (example: D:\program files… then the install button will not be greyed out; therefore allowing you to proceed).