I can't get into BLITZ.

I’ve played the beta for quite a while, and I’ve lost each match I’ve done. Don’t get me wrong, I do have fun, but at the same time, the card playing just isn’t for me. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think this mode was a bad idea, in fact it’s unique and actually can be real fun when playing with friends(So they say) I’ve had difficult time finding friends to play along in the game, but they all seem to be doing other stuff. But I doubt it would have helped. I’m more into the building type of person.

But just because I continue to lose every battle, doesn’t mean I won’t give BLITZ many chances, I think the reason I lose a lot is because I don’t understand every units abilities just yet. But over all, I like Halo Wars 2 so far, the gameplay is nice, just like the original, which I’m glad they didn’t destroy, even if they added in some new stuff.

I think if they added more units it would be better. Adding things like the elephant (to regular mp it wouldn’t work in blitz), jackals, cobras, vampires, ect would be great. On the other hand all units they added would have to be in the regular campaign and multiplayer and not be dlc because that would givw an unfair advantage to players that own it sk sadly I don’t think it will happen.