I cant get any DLC Blitz cards

I have played so many games of blitz on Halo Wars 2 by now and i never have received a single dlc blitz card in a pack from a challenge or level reward. I have the season pass and every dlc installed. I can play as all the dlc leaders but i cant receive any of their cards from packs. The only cards I receive are those for the original leaders and Forge. All the rest are bugged/glitched. I also have no problems playing as the dlc leaders in the multiplayer gametype. I was hoping this issue would be fixed in one of the many updates but it never was. Is there a way to fix this? I have tried reinstalling everything and this didnt work. It seems like it isnt recognizing the payed dlc only the free leaders dlc. This is incredibly frustrating because I cannot level up any dlc leaders’ cards. Did this ever get fixed? I called xbox support and they said it was an issue with the Xbox Insider app bugging out Halo Wars 2.

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I can’t get game to install haha $80

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Hey moderators. Stop censoring John Sosebee. He did nothing wrong by saying he cant get it to install. This does has something to do with my issue because I also have a problem with installation. Maybe respond to my problem istead of censoring other people just trying to help. What did we do to you? Do certain people have more of a right to post than others?

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he should make a thread in the support section than spamming threads with his problems.

I have made a thread in the support section and cannot get a reply from anyone. thelvadam47 why even reply to this post if you have no useful info?

Please don’t cross post topics if you already have one open in support, thanks