I can't finish the game on legendary because of a glitch

This is extremely frustrating, I’m not restarting the final mission from the start. 343 please help me with this issue.

For reporting bugs or issues, we recommend heading over to https://aka.ms/HaloSupport for further assistance. Please review the latest known issues and submit a ticket if your issue is not listed.


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It also helps if you actually tell us what the glitch is, what you think may have caused it and what the symptoms are etc.

You don’t just tell a mechanic your car is broken and walk out the door

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I have a similar problem i send a ticket to the support site of halo infinite here is how i described my problem did this happen to you to?

I played the campaign and suddenly it crashed i was returned to the xbox home menu screen and had to restart halo infinite.

when i wanted to load the campaing again it started counting down and when it reached zero it does nothing and i have to press the play button again and it will not load the game.

this happens only at one save point i have restarted the campaing on a different save and that one works fine.

But i want to continu on the other save that doesn’t work it’s on legendary and i’m almost finished with the campaing on that save.

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Okay, valid point. Basically what happened was, I was nearly done with the final battle, grapple pounded an enemy, glitched under the map, couldn’t move. I had no option to continue at the previous checkpoint. However it wouldn’t allow me to continue as the game bugged out and I couldn’t progress further to start the battle. I submitted a ticket and they basically said I’m out of luck and need to restart the mission with no means to resolve my issue. I reluctantly restarted the mission and beat the game. It’s just unfortunate that that was a thing at all. In total, I grapple pounded out of map multiple times during my play through. This needs to be addressed somehow, for example fix the bug and or allow me to go back multiple checkpoints.

can you move? or is it a soft lock? if it’s a soft lock then yeah, you have nothing else to do.