I can't even complete the event

So me and a bunch of friends have been playing Entrenched Event but I can’t even complete the event because I literally have no more challenges my Fractured: Entrenched is at Level 10 but now I’m losing out because there is no challenges for me to complete

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The event shows up multiple times within the next few months. It’s so you won’t complete it all the first week & will come back to play more for completion.

Bruh…What’s even the point at that rate?

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Tl;Dr It’s a system designed to entice players to come back over multiple weeks to keep player counts and microtransaction sales up.

/rant: The broader picture however is that this is only a momentary, early-week and weekend gain, and more importantly is exploiting the mental illnesses are vast amounts of people who perpetuate internal anxiety from FOMO practices.

It’ll be something we talk about in ten years as a diabolical business practice, sure the idea of limited edition products has always been a thing, but it;s shoved into so many things so exponentially now that we cannot write it off as a transient anomaly is marketing anymore.

I don’t blame 343 for it of course, and I think the content they give is very good, but I really do think the amount of FOMO in Halo needs to decrease, and Fractures are an easy place to start honestly! Just get rid of the challenge cap and we’re gucci!