I can't edit my own Forge Map!!!

Dear 343 Industries,
For the past week I have devoted my time to a map that I am creating in forge. The map is named “Incursion on Northfall” and it is a custom warzone map that I am building for my spartan company. When I was editing the map, I was adding some warthogs and all of a sudden they were not appearing so I saved and restarted the map. But when the map reloaded and I spawned onto it, my character was frozen like a statue and I couldn’t go into oracle/forge mode. I can still move around but I am locked in one position. I was still able to go into vehicles and fly or drive around but I am unable to go into oracle mode and edit the map. I have tried everything I could possible thing of to solve this problem. I have bookmarked the map and loaded it in, went on my brothers account to try to edit, I made a copy, and sadly there is still no fix. It seems that the map may have a bug. I can edit all of my other maps except this one. I have devoted so much time to this map and it is sad that I can’t edit and finish. I would appreciate it a lot if someone would contact me and help me with this problem. I can’t stress enough how much time I have worked on it! And if anyone from the community could help that would be awesome. I have a video clip in my captures that shows the problem. Just contact me via messaging on Xbox. I AM IN DIRE NEED OF HELP!!!

Oh and I am going to keep re-posting this post if 343 Industries does not communicate with me!!!

It would be awesome if 343 Industries would contact me. I have been a loyal player and customer for many years and the fact that I can’t get help or get a response from them is sad.

It is really dumb how they don’t have a call line or something. But the main reason they don’t is because a lot of people will spam them with crap, and I understand that but the fact that I can’t get a response is truly bad for business. I love Halo, it is my favorite game in the world but I’m sorry 343, You need to step up your game (Pun Intended).

I really hope 343 Industries reads these comments and everything.