i cant connect to the server

hey guys i haven’t been able to connect to the server ive tried restarting my modem and everything nothing, i cant play war games anything i can do? is anyone else having server troubles

Im getting that too now. i cant do anything and its starting to get annoying.

yeah its been a full day for me im pretty pissed i wanna play so bad the online is sick

eah this is Happening to me as well I can’t play Spartan OPS or my my Favorite game types every time i finish a game it returns me back to the lobby and i don’t get credit for my kills or Deaths still stuck at 654 and i know i got 200 more kills since this happened. The only thing i get is XP and get to wait in a lobby for 10 minutes to play a game and also i can’t join anyone or they can’t join me me (Forever Alone)
I tried fixing my Modem and router their just fin it’s the servers.
From Halo 4 War Games The Halo 4 servers are not available. Please try again later. matchmaking has switched to using the default playlist.
/Infinity Slayer/Bit Team Infinity Slayer/ Regicide/ CTF/ King of the Hill/ Team Slayer pro. That’s it all with few people playing it the least is 6 people in King of the Hill and Spartan ops says.
The Halo 4 server is not available at this time please try again later.
It’s been like this for two days i wanted to play but i can’t this happened after i was entering the codes in Waypoint. Please fix I am paying for gold every month for this ?
Many threads on this

It’s okay man I feel your pain it must be the water graphics

yea everything you just said is happening to me to hopefully it fixes by tomorrow man!! do you think it will fix soon cause its allready been about 2 days for me

I’m not sure but i hope they do fix this situation soon.
I really wanted to play this 3 day weekend