I can't connect to halo 5 anymore

I can no longer connect to the halo 5 servers. I played 3 days ago but for the past two days I can’t connect to any game or fire team. My internet connection is fine and I have tested it, I have restarted my xbox and the halo game and I can connect and play online with any other game just not halo 5. My other friends that i usually play with are not having this issue and can play totally fine. I seem to be the only one affected. Anyone else experiencing this issue or have any advice on how to fix it?

343 answerd someone on a forum, they said try changing your DNS settings in advance network settings. Go to manual, then Make your primary DNS and the secondary
I tried this and it worked for one match and I went right back to lagging and disconnecting. All we can do is wait for them to come up with a real solution.

I have been having the exact same issue with multiple resets, speed tests, etc. Still unable to play. I am tired of spending money to “test” games and wait for fixes that may or may not come.

I have been having problems trying to get into arena all day?!?!?!