I can't chat with team mates with mezumi headset

I can’t hear or work out how to chat when playing any halo 5. For example ‘’ social ‘’ and a ‘big team battle’.
When I talk I see the little echoes go next to my name on the score card.
I don’t understand this ‘invite party’ stuff.
All I want to do is play capture the flag or something and talk to my team mates

First, you probably need to check your headphone’s settings. If they have their own settings, you may need to tinker with them.

Second, if you’re going Solo, double-check to make sure you’re in game chat in Halo 5 when you’re actually in a game, and not party chat. Bring up the score in-game, and at the bottom, make sure it says “Press B to switch to party chat”.

Third, it may not be a problem on your end. It might just be that people aren’t talking back. If you’re actually playing with friends you’ve invited to party chat and still can’t hear them, then maybe it is a problem on your end.

Thanks for your reply mate. I don’t have any friends to test that out but I’ll look to find some

Setting in my head set are as per the instructions.

The privacy is set to everyone
And yeh I press b to make sure and that’s when I see the echoes when I talk

Its frustrating and shouldn’t be that hard surely

Just to be more clear, you want it to say “Press B to switch to party chat”. If you check and it says “Press B to switch to game chat”, that means you’re in party chat by yourself. You’ll see yourself talking, but no one else in the game can hear you, nor can you hear them talking. If that’s not the issue, then next thing I’d suggest is checking the volume settings for the headsets. If they’re relatively special, they may have settings for adjusting in-game chat volume or something like that.

It’s not the b button but thanks for commenting

I’ve turned the volume up on head set and on the device and settings it registers the head set

I can’t have

Try testing it out in a party chat. If you see your gamerpic light up in the chat, your mic is working as intended.

I can’t even hear people

How do u hear people

You’ll only hear other players if they are actively speaking during games. A lot of players don’t go into public chat these days and just hang in a party with their friends, or use something like Skype or Discord