I can't believe I'm asking for an emblem

So here in Canada, we celebrate November 11th as Rememberance Day, to honour those who have served in war, conflict and peacetime.

As a symbol of Rememberance, we chose the poppy flower and we buy a Poppy every year from our local Legion to support them financially.

I believe that the poppy as a symbol is owned by the Legion, but I would like to see 343 do something for it’s Canadian player base every November 11 for a Poppy emblem or banner and all proceeds to go to the Royal Canadian Legion.

I know it’s November 18th, but I would really like to see 343 do this kinda thing in the future if possible.


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It’s a memorial day for lots of the Commonwealth. I’d like it, but maybe 343i don’t want to link explicitly to real world war.

I like the idea especially since they’ve done other countries in the past. Something to truly think about.

No offense to military servicemen, but 343 should avoid real life politics at all costs. Halo has enough problems without the developers acting holier than thou on political topics. We already saw them make a mess in MCC when they removed NMPD cosmetic options.


They did offer a nameplate in MCC from 11 November if you logged on before 16 November. Not sure whether anything was done in Infinite.

As noted in an earlier reply, Remembrance day is commemorated throughout the Commonwealth and most of Europe. It’s also Veterans day in the US and some other countries.

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Nothing unfortunately


343i avoid real life politics at all cost?

Dude, they literally have multiple emblems and banners in the game which are straight up political. I generally could give you a list of all the political things 343i have done, however they’ll just remove my comments on here, so if you want that then you can message me over Xbox.

Around the Halo 4 and Halo 5 days though, 343i weren’t political which is something I genuinely admired about the company. Now though? Nah.

Isn’t the USMC an HCS sponsor though?

Unless it’s US related or US military, you’re out of luck.

In the USA the poppy flower is a general symbol for World War 1 as well as memorial day (which seems to be mostly the same in canada.)
For real the poppy flower makes sense because Rememberance/Memorial day started because that was when World War 1 ended, and we have a World War 1 themed armor core…

They have no idea how much they are missing here.

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343 should be making a concentrated effort to remove all real life politics from the game. It’s a video game. People play it to escape real life. If they wanted real life they wouldn’t be playing a game where you play as a space superhero killing aliens. 343 still has a long way to go before they stop alienating portions of the userbase… Like removing the bot playlist just because.

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Considering this is a game based on military tactics and war - not supporting Veterans Day / Remembrance Day / armistice day on or around the 11th November is so bizarre.

It’s like forgetting the fall of Reach in the games story of the struggles of humanity.

Edit: maybe 343 should have a Memorial Day for the fall of Reach.

Do we have special days from the lore we could celebrate. People would get so much more involved if they did things like that.

Edit: looking at Twitter Halo did celebrate veterans days.

But considering this is as fictional universe I’d rather use this forum/platform to celebrate halo stuff…

I’ve remained quiet wanting to hear everyone’s opinions, so I’ll let you know my personal opinion on this since I started the thread.

I feel that a day like veterans or Rememberance Day, to be celebrated by the individual person is their personal choice. It’s part of the freedom that men and women served to win and protect. If you as a person choose (with no judgement) not to honor that day, that’s fine.
However, to say to keep the politics out of the game by honouring that day is missing the point of the meaning of the day.

Yes, politicians will go to ceremonies to be seen, businesses will try to tie into the holiday as best they can. And the meaning of the day will be obscured and sometimes lost on people because of the politicizing.

But at the root, the meaning of the day is to honour those who served. Who were asked to go so you and I didn’t have to.
And yes, it is just a game, but a game where were pretending to be soldiers, fighting and ready for action.
But the very concept of what it means to be human vs a soldier has been questioned or discussed by this franchise and the weight of that question is intended to have meaning, just as Nov 11.

So having said that, I personally believe that if 343 can drawn inspiration from WW1 and 2 for their concepts and business in this game, have the US Marine Corps as sponsors, then a little recognition back to the meaning of the day that honours those people who inspired those very concepts would be very classy on their part.

But that’s just my two cents.

“avoid real life politics”?

What do you call all their support for “pride” stuff. That’s nothing but real world politics

Not trying to offend anyone but I’d really just like them to avoid real world politics. People, like me, who play videogames are often trying to avoid this kind of thing and catch their breath.

Also, the poppy is not a symbol just for Canadian veterans. Just fyi.

It’s just meant to be a videogame. Not constant bombardment of real world political token gestures.

Special days in the lore is fine. That’s a much better idea.

I’d like this as I don’t really know much about the lore but if it was celebrated with such events I would be more inclined to learn more about the games heritages.

And invest more time in content!!!