I can't be the only one

So far tonight the game doesn’t work. Like at all. Matckmaking doesn’t work at all. I found one game. After being on for bout hour and half and I got kicked out within first minute or so. Twice I was searching and it took me back to the menu without me hitting anything. So figured I’ll try some customs. Nope. can’t join anybody’s lobby. Sweet update 343

Then dont play

Do a hard reset. I had to do one for my matches to start working.

> 2533274854747194;2:
> Then dont play

Brilliant. Idiot.

Ok I wont be like the trolls who go check your internet. Because its obvious, we can play any game except Halo because our internet decides not to work, just for Halo. Am I right guys? (sarcasm).

No, seriously.

Halo MCC has a low population. Don’t expect to find games as often. I find games quicker on the 360 for some strange reason…