I can`t use my artic br after the new update

I have a problem with my artic br, it does not appear in the game DDDDD:

Try to re-download it in “Download History”. It may help.

I already do it… and still same u.u

I guess adding all the new stuff brings new bugs eh? From the situation, it doesn’t look like a simple thing.

So, there is the artic BR bug and there is the armor mods not in Spartan ops it seems so far.

I guess unfortunately :confused:

Having the same issue here too. Tried redownloading with no luck. Any help/insight would be much appreciated!

Mine is still working in-game.

Have you tried deleting the content then clearing your cache and then redownloading?

Sorry to hear that. I still have mine showing up but I had to reset my xbox after the update to get all my stuff unlocked.