I Can’t Change Equipment In The Campaign Please Help

I just beat Chak Lok and I can’t switch between the GrappleShot and the Threat Sensor. I have tried reminding the keys. I have tried fast traveling. The GrappleShot has a :no_entry_sign: over it when I try to switch. Please help. I’m on PC on Steam. Thanks in advance everyone.

I don’t use KBM so I don’t know how to fix the issue, but I thought I’d reply to increase traffic and hopefully someone else will give a good answer.


Don’t play halo on PC like a dork. Get an Xbox and a controller and you’ll be better off.

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Maybe you don’t play on PC. But you are for sure a massive -Yoink!-.

Have you tried the number keys?
Also, Merry Christmas!

Just to check, you’re not using the Tank Gun right? That prevents you from swapping equipment and throwing grenades, and bugs out equipment except for grapple.

I picked it up for like three seconds, and ditched it. Is that why? I can still throw Grenades.

Yes I have tried that. Merry Christmas to you too!

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Probably not, if you got rid of it. I just know that it’s super buggy, prevents switching and throwing grenades, prevents using drop wall, and using thruster will not move anywhere and forces you to stay crouched, until you thrust again using a different weapon. If you’re not carrying it anymore, you should be fine. If it’s not that, idk why you can’t change abilities.


I play it on PC, controller and all.

what are you getting at

I’m having the same problem on Xbox while trying to kill Chak Lok…can’t switch to grappleshot from threat sensor as it has a cancel :no_entry_sign: sign over it too. Not sure what’s going on here.

Just figured it out! Pause the game, go to your controller settings, and press Restore Defaults. That cleared the problem for me.

I’m on Xbox but no matter if I reset default it still won’t work. Tried switching controllers setting a different button nothing works

Same issue. FIX THIS BUG

This happened to me after finishing the tower co-op.

I just had my partner kill me and everything was fine when I respawned.

I think he was just stating that the guys comment was useless because it’s PC related, and clearly the response was just about consoles - which I agree, it was a pointless reply, they also didn’t realise you can play on PC with a controller so perhaps the issue is just a M&KB keybind issue or something else entirely.

Just encountered the same problem for the first time. Also first time for me playing co-op. Also just beat the boss where you use the ping for the first time….
Trying to select the grapple after switching to the ping, right arrow brings up the menu, and then hitting right again to select grapple just closes the menu with no change. Frustrating.
I tried the Linear Navigation trick and it wasn’t engaged, so that wasn’t it.

I just quit, then restarted the level and everything reset.
Squash this bug, please.