Ok so hopefully someone at 343 actually reads this.

I know the way to fix the Customization and Store, that will actually benefit both parties. Ots not perfect but it’s better than what we have already.

I’m only going to be specific to customization and the Store.

Ok customization first:

We know cross core is in the works, that includes armor attachments, Visors, and peices… So I’m leaving that at at.

Moving on to Coatings.

  1. Armor Coatings:
    -First let’s take the 60 default Colors from Halo 5, we had 5 of each color in 12 verieties. Take the first three of those colors give them for free as the standard default colors for all armor cores.

Take the last two rows of colors and make then unlockable for each core by using that core… Ex play x amount of games in MK 7 unlocks this color coating… Its still free but earnable. We like earning stuff.

Vehicle Coatings:

Using the same Coatings as above, allow players to unlock the default colors for armor but for vehicles, make it like a skill tree, where the player can choose which family of colors to unlock… Ex. I want the greens, for the Warthog… I go into the Warthog settings select the greens. And the challenges are like drive X amount of miles on the Warthog … this unlocks the colors progressively.aybe I unlock 2 shades of green. I unselected and select the yellows… You get the point.

Make this the standard for earning colors the default colors for vehicles.

Weapon Coatings:

Same thing, except maybe split the weapons between a get x amount of kills with and Get x amount of assist with as some weapons are support weapons.

Once you unlocked the colors for one weapon/vehicle/Armor Core. You get a cool reward. If you unlock it for all Weapons/vehicles you get something cooler.

  • 343 this means your going to have to make peace with the idea of giving up selling us Default Colors…

The Store:

Ok this thing it’s bad, that’s out the way.
Here’s the fix

1: allow players to buy Indiviaul items, bundles are design to give players a discount of 10-20% if they buy it as a bundle.

2: Coatings/Charms that you buy Universal. Players should not have to buy a charm 4 each time for each weapon/ same with coatings. This means when you buy a coating, you buy it once and.it works on every Armor core, even unreleased ones.

-I didn’t mention Emblems becuase those are techniqually Universal. It it’s how they do it that’s wrong .ill explain next.

3 Emblems: 343 puts emblems in bundles but counts an emblem as 4 items sot accross, Armor, Weapons, Vehicle, Nameplate. That needs to stop.
-Take enlighten Path: bundle was 1 armor effect, 1 emblem. Counted as 4 items.

Emblems will remain Universal but only counted as 1 item in a bundle and it only appears once in a bundle.

4: reduce the price of the bundles or load then with more universal content.

For example,

A bundle can come with an Universal( UL) Armor set, UL Emblem, 3 UL coatings for Armor/Vehicle/weapon, and stance.

For smaller ones make them themed around something.

Aka Vehicle bundle has 5 peices for vehicles, a Flag for the Tank, Turret design for the Warthog, window sheild for the bigger warthog thing… UL emblem/Coatings.

Weapons could be roughly the same it for weapons.
Make these things more interesting than 1 emblem and an armor effect.

This means 343 your gonna have eto get creative, you made this a Live Service now it’s time to fill it up like a live service.

For god sakes add the feature of earning credits through gameplay, Stop Being Stingey

Oh yea Also Progression is simple, just copy the one from Reach, and each rank unlocks that rank as a Universal Emblem. Seriously 6 yr development 80 million dollar budget, and you guys couldn’t just think of this.