I bought a Req pack and it didn't give it to me?

Can someone please tell me why I bought a req pack try and open it and it says “you have already opened this pack” when I haven’t thanks!

This happens sometimes OP, it just means that the pack has already opened but you didn’t get to see the opening animation for it. Whatever items were in it will now have been added to your REQ inventory. A hard reset of your Xbox will show them or you can check here on Waypoint :slight_smile:

edit ooh ninja’d >:}

Sometimes when you buy a pack, a glitch can occur where you won’t see it open but it actually did. In these cases, you get the REQ pack items but don’t know what you got. Sometimes, on the console, opened REQ packs can leave phantoms in the Open Packs section of your REQ menu, but they aren’t really there (which is why you’re seeing “this pack was already opened”). You can use Waypoint as an alternative source for viewing and opening REQ packs.

K thanks you so much