I bombarded a mate in a rank game. It's hard to spot friend or foe

This is a copy/paste from a reddit post I have made. I wanted to submit this issue as a feedback in a ticket but I read that those go in the forums. I wish I could include links for proof but seems that I am not allowed

In a hurry, I rocketed a character than it seemed to be an enemy (if you look closely, in the first frames there is no blue name), only to realize it was a mate just after I already clicked. Missing the chance to turn the game around. At the end, teammate got mad and stopped playing.

I have severe hearing loss, so I find myself forced to turn around too often and when you turn around the screen becomes blurry making it harder to spot enemies from teammates since enemy’s red outlines are not thick enough. I expected the performance would be better for a competitive esport game. My settings are at the lowest and everything is turned off.

Another problem is the audio cues, I often get confused because in this game feels like your teammate actions are louder than enemy actions. Even when I get shot, is still not as loud as teammates fire.

In comparison, I play overwatch very often, which is a much more fast paced game, and the enemy sound actions are much more distinguishable and louder than teammates, the outlines are thicker making them easier to spot when you turn around.

I find really hilarious that there’s accessibility for colorblind people, a very strong aim assist (if you can call that a part of accessibility since you can’t “access” a smooth aim with controller) that at the end of the day the game just plays for you. I am sure they are going to be used in a esport competition even by non disabled people.

But for people like me, there’s no actual accessibility aside of the “radar” which a lot of people say it may as well not be there, since it is not really helpful specially for high ping players. It would be much more useful if there’s an audio radar around the crosshair and let any player use that in ranking mode, since there’s much more people with very different audio level detections, and allow them use that in esports along with colorblind settings. And I don’t wanna hear someone say “ThAt RaDaR iS PaRt of WhAt MaKeS HaLo” , everything evolves, videogames evolve, don’t force other players to be stuck in your nostalgia (I used to be a CE player myself), in that case, just make the option Togglable. And so, it feels absurd that colorblind and controller players are able to keep up with non-disabled people in competitive ranks but deaf people are stuck in casual games.

So, 343, please, show us that you care about your players feedback. There were a lot of QoL feedback that you discarded to “AfTeR LaUnCh” or “We ThInK iS fInE LiKe ThAt”. Man, if this was really treated as a beta, there shouldn’t have had a rank mode until the game is well polished, or the season should have been called Season Beta.


Boy have I got good news for you, you can turn screen blur off in the menu settings.

Was going to preface my post with this. You can also turn off a bunch of other screen effects. I have them all turned off and it helps to a degree. But I agree the audio cues are a problem for me as well. Especially with all tied to sound effects slider that also controls the horrible high pitched dog whistle chirping sound when scrolling through the menus. So I have that volume slider turned down which reduces environmental sounds in matches (footsteps, gunfire, etc) I have severe tinnitus from years of playing loud music and an abusive upbringing. To the point I perceive the ringing in my ears louder than most common sounds only sharp pitches and consistent tones block it out but I have the SFX volume set too low to be able to hear these audio cues to protect myself from pain when scrolling through menus.

Yeah, as I said, I have everything turned off and at the lowest settings. That includes blur and all the other effects.
I also tweaked the audio options. I even used the compressor that comes with my sound card, I can hear my own and teammate’s footsteps very loud, but enemies footsteps are still quieter.
I also want to share proof as feedback. Hopefully it is okay if I send the url like this.

youtube com/watch?v=CqlBeKJ-YpM

i.imgur com/st7GaMK.png

In the image above you can see the first half second where there’s no name shown, it makes it way harder to tell friend or foe.