I bet these three grunts could kill you!

Well, it’s because they are invincible! Invincible grunts. Note that this was on easy. If you try this with legendary, you WILL die. You can shoot their face repeatedly with the Grunt B Day skull only to have the effects repeat right after eachother. You can even shoot their methane tanks off, as seen at the very end of the video.

Assassinate them? Still won’t kill em.

Oh wow… the assassinations disarmed them though. xD

Is that why Reach fell?


I remember this from a while ago. I was not satisfied and I was thirsty.

They have made grunt spartans! It is time to cower in fear!

Recent Covenant Experimenting has led to a new form of grunts: Invincible Grunts. These grunts were stationed at all of Reachs Major artifacts. This is how Reach fell.

Much like the Gravity Hammer brutes in ODST, just longer lasting power up. ^^
The Covenant version of Spartans are…grunts? :open_mouth:

These thee grunts were tested at an oni facility and had plsma batteries in them making them go (this is a joke LOL)