I believe they are discreetly yet obv raising prices of store content

The headline bundle jumped again from 1600 last week to 1700 this week.

1700 ($17) this week lmao!

Because you don’t have to pay for the base game to play. So they made it you get a lot of the armor by purchasing it.

A common Side effect of the change to F2P.

Yeah, but they made that choice. Just because the game is free doesn’t mean you get to start charging $20 per armor set.

Which I could understand… If the prices were reasonable. For $17, you can buy a bevy of full games on sale. Right now, on Steam, I can buy Leadbelcher armor set in a game that barely works (thanks desync) or I can buy Monster Hunter World. Or Devil May Cry 5. Or Disco Elysium. I can also buy the entirety of Witcher 3 on sale. That’s just a few examples.

343 isn’t considering the fact that people can buy entire games for the price of a single armor set in their game. These aren’t microtransactions, they’re macrotransactions that I struggle to see paying off for them in the long-run.