I believe they are discreetly yet obv raising prices of store content

first they sell the sky helmet for 900 with a coating and now they have another pack low quality pack for 1k with shoulder hand pads no knee pads or helmet. and a 3 vehicle coating pack for 500?


The store has been a slap in the face to every Halo fan since it’s inception. There’s not a damn thing in there that’s not overpriced.

They made everything overpriced because they knew a few people would still be willing to buy it. Which is illogical if you think about how many more people would be wiling to spend 1$-5$ as opposed to the very few people who are willing to pay 20$ for everything. And anyone who eats up the crap they pedal from it deserves to have their money taken from them, but its a damn shame how it creates an avenue for poorer fans of the series to feel excluded. Everyone should have been boycotting the store from day 1, but you’ll still find shills to this day who try to defend this blatant predatory behavior and scumminess.

Selfish link to a video I made about this 5 months ago, in which every word still stands; 343 has done almost nothing to fix this game since it came out 7 months ago.



I feel like the packs are being revised so they can continue to milk us for close to the amount they originally intended. I also bet that it will be a very long time if they do decide to allow us to buy individual content. Because its their least of their priorities their goal is purely to milk is for every cent they can get from us


Its insultingly priced but unfortunately so many members of our community seems either like the impulse control or self respect to not purchase these shop items, otherwise we would have already had changes made to favor the player interest.

As long as there are whales feeding their wallets, they have zero incentive to change the state of the shop.

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They’ve dropped the prices and they have yet to go back up.

If you are so sick of it, play something else :smiley:


Price is going back up discreatly be revamping the packs you have to be brainless to not see that

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Venture, come on. You can’t ignore the problems forever.

Soon they’ll start affecting you, if they haven’t been already.


Keep coddling the people that don’t care about you, its of no benefit to you. Just makes you look like a lapdog.


How else are they gonna pay for to develop all the awesome and original content that they’re churning out so regula…oh wait.


I’ve yet to meet or read about a person on earth that frustrates me more than you.

You just sweep every potential problem under the rug and shove people away by going “just play something else!”

What would you do if everyone did just go play anything else besides Infinite? Play with bots?


Yeah if the only retort to players voicing criticism of the game is ‘quit playing’ then not only is that lazy, but its over-all worse for the game’s health. If a game dev can not match the expectations of its community to the point where the solution is to leave and stop playing-then they will lose their base.


Well I don’t intend to buy anything from the store anyway, most of the things they offer are fluff. But I’ll monitor the quality of the BP closely.

If they start skimming on the amount of actual cosmetics in the BP vs Challenge Swaps and XP Boosters, then it’s a clear indicator that not only are they reverting to their original intent of scummy business practices, but it’ll make Jerry Hook’s departure sus af.

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LOL now 400 for a coating and 1600 for armor I was accurate on them raising the price weekly

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@The_Dipple do explain how I miss my own point on my own post?

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Don’t mind him.

He probably won’t elaborate. I don’t understand why but there’s a couple of users here who like spamming medals.

The biggest difference between the ULLR and Lechuza sets is the leg utility. Its literally one additional piece in a bundle of nine vs the previous 8 piece bundles we’ve seen in the store. Course its gonna get a price bump :melting_face:

Problem with that is this entire model is so backasswards.

What happened to earning this stuff through gameplay? The only thing that should be getting sold is the fracture stuff. Not armor sets like the Soldier that have been in previous games.

We had a ranking system and armor sets that were unlocked as you progressed through the ranks. At some point they need to take a good look at the store and revamp it completely.

Games nowadays act like a subscription service rather than a enjoyable experience.

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whats worse about the pricing of todays shop is the armor isnt even for the mark vii its for rakasha so you have less coating options

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Every week in season 2 the armour has been 1200 which I’m not agreeing with but am okay with. But out of nowhere for the same amount of content they bumped it too 1600. They are gonna bump it back to launch price before long.

343 you think we wouldn’t notice but we noticed.

and prices keep climbing of packs without the ability to buy individual items being implemented