I appreciate the cross core visors, truly

I actually really like this first step. I had a nice Green visor for my Rakshasa but now I can use one from another core that takes it from GREEN to GUHREEHEEN if you know what I’m saying and I think some of you probably do. Its nice, I like the goggles. Thanks folks


I felt like the fireblood rift on my burning gunmetal rakshasa core was too much red. I liked it, but it was like I didn’t know what I was missing.
I also spent a week trying to get the sansar obsidian visor for Mk. V only to not like it on that core.
I’m glad I got it. I got a clean black (but not too dark) visor on my Rakshasa.

Overall, I finally have visors and coatings that match each other.
I already got the Primal Glory and Dragoon visors on Mk VII.
Charming amarillo looks great on Eaglestrike, especially with the nomad sutler coating.
The orange lights of default Yoroi got the fireblood rift visor.
Mk. 5 with the emile’s pinkish-red arm now has thge bryuce visor, which matches at a distance.

Before I made coatings and visors work, and I was content but now they actually match and I’m happy! I like cross-core visors more than I thought I would. Like I said before, I didn’t know what I was missing.


Same! I really enjoy cross-core visors. It’s a great first step.

I hope armor coatings (including the HCS coatings locked to kits) to become cross-core after this. Maybe a September drop-pod? :grin:


I had fun trying out all the “new” visors, lots of different looks available with just this update.


It’s absolutely not going to be enough if they stop here, but I do think it is hugely important that we thank and encourage 343 for this. It’s hopefully the first or several steps in improving the overall cohesion of the game’s cosmetics, and it’s a super promising start!

Seeing so many cool visors equippable to any helmet in the game is exciting. I’ve spent a solid half hour since yesterday trying out a ton of different combinations across the cores, and I can’t even describe how much better and more fitting this feels than the core-locked version that preceded it.

Cross core coatings and helmets are hopefully coming in the not-too-distant future (can we please, please get confirmation on what’s next for this process, 343?), and those will improve customization by another order of magnitude each.

Yes, core-locks were a hairbrained idea in the first place and never should have been a thing in the base game, and that’s valid criticism that 343i clearly has come around to agree with to at least some extent. But we should be celebrating and cheering 343 on as they work to fix and improve the system.

So, genuinely, thank you 343! It’s exciting to see the customization improve and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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I think every section they add cross core to will change things a lot. Customization slump has been the problem since launch, and was a broken promise on their part. By making it so you can assemble a Frankenstein’s monster spartan at your discretion they will finally be fulfilling that promise.

Swapped the Noble Visor out for Vandal for the Mark V[B] core, Vandal has a nice darker gold to it & it looks so much better for the Mark VI Helmet

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Probably the most useless update in Halo history this is something that should have been here day one and thanking 343 is slapping the rest of us that want “REAL” fixes…

Hmmm, update the game or update the store and customization… Okay, store and customization it is!

I hear ya. It’s a pivotal starting point for better things to come. I know the Halo community can be quick to want everything happen instantly, but this is a good starting block I reckon.

Yeah, I could finally slap MIA on everything. Now I never need another visor. Except maybe spirit, which I already own!

That’s nice :+1:

People wanted this to be a thing and a good start in the direct people want to see customization of their character to go.

Yeah, definitely happy to see all the visor colors available on all the cores. Now I can use the more unique, cool looking Yoroi visors on my other cores.

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