I applaud 343i

343i is taking risks in halo 4, attempting to find a solid balance between the core halo gameplay, and moving the game forward. From what we have seen, the game looks good, and the game definitely looks like halo.

While none of us know how the game will play come release, i think its safe to say that halo 4 is in good hands, and i look forward to new information as it is released. Im glad that 343 isn’t too scared to change things despite knowing (and saying) that there are some things that the community will be divided over.

To me, this shows 343i is strong enough and confident enough to hold its ground and make halo 4 into what they feel is the best game they can make. It is for that reason, if nothing else, that i feel like Halo 4 is in good hands with 343i.

I for one am looking forward to the new elements in halo 4, as we find out more about them.

We need to spend less time bashing 343i and more time showing them support. While it is good and proper to discuss these elements, what we like and dislike, its important to keep an open mind about the changes.

We are HALO fans, and this is Halo 4, take it or leave it.

Good job, 343i. Keep up the good work.

You don’t know about the-…perks do you?

They have done a great job and I am stoked for this game it is going to be amazing. I like how we are using Spartan IVs so they can change up the multiplayer as they see fit.

343I knows what their doing and I hope to see more info by late spring.

No. They need to be less worried about getting out of bungie’s shadow by acting crazy and more worried about making the game we all want.

I think it is perfect.

I agree 100%! I’m looking forward to the new elements being introduced. I was worried that the franchise would stagnate but it seems that 343i is willing to take some risks to move Halo forward and I’m happy to se it.