i am willing to make maps for anybody who needs a cool map to play on

I am a professional halo reach forge mode map creator who has been making maps for people ever scince the first halo came out for the Xbox console and i am willing to make maps for anybody who needs a cool map to play on or if you just need some tips or tricks about forge mode i am willing to share what i know with you. so if you need me to make a map or if you just need some tips and tricks just message me on Xbox live i have made clan maps, clan meeting maps, i can host amazing forge mode games, and i have made a lot of maps just for people to have fun on.so message me if you are interested or just need me or if you want more information i am willing to talk to you in a Xbox live party. my gamertag is: AHP PHANTOM

i look forward to hearing from you all.
and you can leave your gamertag listed in a reply and i will message you on Xbox when i get out of gaming programming school in about 2 hours. by the way if you were wondering how old i am i am 17 years old and i have a mic.

Hear’s a challenge for ya. :wink:

I need as big and extensive city map on the ‘Island’ portion of Forgeworld as possible for a Machinima. All credit for this map will go to you when the show’s aired. The series airs in around three months (We’re heavily developing the script and other things for several series) so could you make a huge city map in, say, six weeks?

I need a “Guardian” re-make please. =)

> I am a professional halo reach forge mode map creator

I need to know what makes you a professional at this.

Aren’t you worried about the TOS?

> I need a “Guardian” re-make please. =)

This is about as good as it’s going to get:

Here, see here.

OP, if you’ve ever played Metroid Prime Hunters, there are a couple of maps that I’d love to see re-made.

I’ve decided that this offer is too good to pass up. I’m planning on making a Machinima series to put onto YouTube (I’ll put in the credits that you forged maps, of coarse). I could u these several maps, but I’ll start with one.

Could you make me something like New Mombasa Streets from H3: ODST? In further detail, the streets, Skyscrapers (one you can walk into with multiple floors), Medical Kiosks, vehicles, and, of coarse, spawn and respawn points.

The area of Forge World that I would like it in is on the water SE of the Island.

Contact me via message. My tag is DeathEnvoy2010.

if you were professional, you would have a fee. Technically you are an amateur. Still, your description shows you forged enough to run out of ideas. My request: Longest remake.

so you get paid to make maps for halo?