I am unbelievably excited for the new MCC updates and I applaud the outstanding work from everyone involved. But I am begging you guys to please make fixing Halo CE's multiplayer bugs a top priority

I get it, Flood firefight is a meme that people really wanted and so you gave it to them. I’m happy for people who are excited for that even if I don’t really feel like it is that interesting of an addition. But everytime a MCC update is shared there is always a list of upcoming/priority fixes and additions to the game and Halo CE’s plethora of game changing bugs and quirks that make it differ from the original release never make the list of things to be addressed.

I am absolutely a biased CE fangirl when I say this, but this is the only thing MCC needs at this point to be great and it has been that way for some time. Sure things like Halo 3 spawn logic and Halo 2 melee hit detection are issues, but those aren’t game changing in any drastic way nor do they keep the core of the game’s flow and appeal. If those things are never fixed, the MCC versions of both games will still remain fantastic ways of experiencing those titles. With Halo CE though, everything about the game is fundamentally borked as a result of the changes and quirks that are exclusive to the original PC release as well as MCC. Weapon balance, recoil bloom, weapon/item spawn behavior, I could go on. The game is so different at every level of gameplay that it is just not a functionally playable or fun version of CE, especially for the hardcore who know what CE really does play like in its original form.

Again, I am so excited for the current and future state of MCC. Things like campaign crossplay, expanded modding/forge tools and the upcoming full custom browser are absolutely amazing additions to an already complete package and I really can’t give enough love and credit to the teams behind everything MCC has become over the past half decade or so. Even if there was just some official comment on the matter that stated “We are aware there are issues, but we have no plans of fixing them at this time” would suffice because at least that would allow myself and other CE fans to stop crossing our fingers and hoping that the latest patch/blog post will be the one that finally addresses our concerns.

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