I am tired of jumping and hitting my head on a door that is not designed for halo and getting stuck on badly designed corners!

This one of those crazy ones where you just cant understand why those doors/Entrances are not designed in conjuction with the halo physics just cant make sense why the doors are not big and tall we need epic doors that reflect the physics of a spartans movment

The other thing is corners that are just a hazard waiting on standby would be great to make it flowing and free of and harsh coners game needs to flow.

We need to re think the way maps are being designed and need to have that competitive apsect in mind allways im am tired of hitting my head and getting stuck for an easy kill! its like the maps should have hazard signs all over the place LMAO .

I think the maps are designed for human sized entities because most things in the real world arent for 7ft supersoldiers…