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What is the opinionof the Haloverse on a Halo 2 map pack for Halo 4? This would be, in my perfect world, identical versions of all the Halo 2 maps with a shiny new skin looking exactly the same as when Halo first went live. This would include all maps and even bigger and smaller versions to alter gameplay. Please make the world perfect.

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No, I don’t want remakes, I want new maps, even though in a different topic I said I would enjoy a classic map pack. I’ve had a change of heart. Just because they were good in HCE/H2/H3/H:R does not mean they will have good gameplay in Halo 4.


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I’m of the belief that they should do a Halo 2 map pack for the 10 year anniversary. It’s possible this would be for Halo 5 rather than 4 depending on when Halo 5 is released.

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