I am so so so upset with halo infinite

In the halo infinite multiplayer overview you said “we’re coming at this from a player first mentality” but in the end we got a bone dry game, armors coatings for 5 dollars, A STANCE AND A SNIPER SKIN FOR 10 DOLLARS, a terrible progression system, and 20 DOLLARS FOR A NOCK OFF EVA AND THE COLOR WHITE???. YOU SAID TRUE SPARTAN EXPRESSION BUT DIDINT MENTION YOU JUST NEED 1035$ TO DO SO. I WOULD RATHER HAVE A REQ PACK SYSTEM. EVERYONE LOVED THE HALO MCC GAME SELECTION AND PROGRESSION SYSTEM AND YOU DECIDED TO SCRAP IT AND MAKE SOMETHING WAY WORSE. Im really, really, really upset about halo infinite. IN THE OVERVIEW YOU SAID A LOT OF YOUR STUFF IS UNLOCKED THROUGH PLAYING THE GAME. BUT NOW WE HAVE TO PAY 1035$ TO UNLOCK ALL THE GOOD ARMOR. this was supposed to be the spiritual reboot for halo, i am overall really really dissapointed, but hey if you do make a way to earn credits through playing the game, thats great and i will take back everything i say.