I am so sick of people betraying me.

I just don’t get it anymore. I do not get where people just think its fun to run around betraying you when you’re trying to win in CTF. Like who in their right mind betrays a person in the Mantis when its a highly contested CTF game with both sides Mantis’ playing slight offense and slight defense. My team was doing fine until behold an idiot starts shooting me with his DMR for some stupid reason. If isn’t this you get the people that do something like this. I was on Settler and this guy literally chased me around for 5 minutes shooting me with his Storm Rifle. I was still managing to defend my flag and avoid him at the same time.

Like where do the people that do this think its fun I get shot with a charged plasma pistol shot. I get stuck with grenades while in the mantis. I get shot at by my teammates with storm rifles and crap. Like seriously I debate selling the game more and more with the stale as hell community that plays this game. It was never this way on Halo 3. I never had an issue of getting in the banshee or anything on Halo 3’s Valhalla and being betrayed. 343 wonders why people quit so damn much when this constantly happens. It happens to me 3-4 times a day and I am just trying to play the game and have fun.

When I play the game right and defend the flag while my friend pushes towards the enemy base I get betrayed by my teammates. They continue to betray me until the other team is dominating us. What’s the point of even playing if someone constantly betrays you until you’re getting spawn killed. That’s my long rant for today. This makes me want to go back to just playing MMO’s where I control myself and nobody else has any influence on me other than playing the game. Tell some of your stories of being betrayed because I am sure this doesn’t happen to just me.

I do wish you got points for carrying the flag like you do holding the odd ball. I get fed up of putting the hard work in for someone to betray me to get the score

> I do wish you got points for carrying the flag like you do holding the odd ball. I get fed up of putting the hard work in for someone to betray me to get the score

CTF game…had the sniper…some dude in our team came up to me and kept bashing me…when the banshee spawned, he went and got it, flew up to where I was and splattered me, jumped out and took the sniper rifle.

Several times when the ammo for the sniper has run out on Ragnarok, I go to get the next sniper spawn, people get the Mongoose and come down under Red or Blue base and run you over to get the sniper. On a couple of occasions had two people work together to betray me to get the weapon they wanted.

I have had several people on Exile drive the Hog as fast as they can to the enemy Red spawn base and jump out and run away leaving me there to get killed.

On Ragnarok, sometimes a person who wanted the sniper at the start of the game but didn’t get will have gotten in the Hog at the left of Red base…they wait till I come out to goto my snipping position and then run me over and jump out and take the sniper rifle.

then there are the few people who get on the Mongoose and chase you round until they rub you over…

Or the ones that are in a party together and they get together and for whatever reason just nade and shoot me…

I can go on and on but…you get the idea.

While it wasn’t a CTF game, I was once playing with someone who got no kills, several deaths and spent the entire game driving all over the back of the base on Ragnarok, trying to splatter allies and taking every power weapon he could find to prevent us from using them.

Gotta love the kind of -Yoinks!- you find every now and then, whose only purpose is to make your gaming life misserable.

i was playing CTF today, and someone betrayed me twice, i was defending the flag stickin around blue base on the map Simplex, after the game i asked him why and he said i was camping.
i got around 20 flag defence medals
he obviously doesn’t understand halo at all

Only thing I’ve dealt with personally: on Ragnarok, grabbing the sniper to get a few quick kills at the start, and some mental defective on my team decides to jump on the ledge in front of me and constantly get in my way. Happens on occasion, but thankfully not all the time.

I feel your pain, OP. But I can’t imagine dealing with everything you listed.

Friendly fire should be turned off in all game types period. There’s no good reason for it imo. The only people who benifit from betrayals are the immature kids who think its hilarious to ruin the match for everyone else.