There is a huge annoyance bug in Halo 5. Sometimes when the game ends literately as you stare at the Spartans walking into the picture I get kicked from the game and even though the game is over it is listed as I left. I just bought the game 5 days ago and this happens to me every day. I also get BANNED EVERY DAY BECAUSE OF THIS. I AM SICK OF THIS LIKE HOW IS THIS NOT FIXED YET. I JUST WAS HANDED A 8 HOUR BAN. LIKE WTF IS THAT! CAN A ADMINISTRATOR PLEASE HELP ME GET UNBANNED AND MY BAN TIME RESET BECAUSE THIS IS RIDICULOUS. I have been playing halo since halo CE till now. I am thinking about quitting the game because of this. I cant play my favorite game because of a glitch. Are you serious. 5 DAYS HAVING THE GAME. ONLY GAME I HAVE BECAUSE HALO IS GOD. AND I CANT PLAY BECAUSE IT KICKS ME ONCE OR TWICE A DAY AT THE VERY VERY END OF THE GAME.