I am NOT MLG pro

I tried entering the NA qualifiers with a last minute team of randoms. This is how it went…


You got destroyed man, but no worries. You probably got put against one of the teams that is going to make it reasonably far, so no amount of people saying “git gud” is going to change the fact that you did as well as most people would have.

There was 2 instances during that game where you guys kind of held it together for about 30 seconds - which is an accomplishment for randoms. I thought of doing something similar lol - none of my friends would play because they know they aren’t the best.

Bro, im Diamond\Platinum ranked but some of my mates are Onyx. When we play together and get matched against another Onyx team I feel your pain lol. It’s harsh hey!

There is no better feeling then getting sniped out of the air, when your just about to shoot your rocket on a sure kill. Hope you didnt lose much money or time, and learned something ?

Playing with Pro gamers is always tough very tough, I played Gears ESL with my team and we were wiped out in minutes.