I am loving the Warthog and Ghost?

I really do feel 343 nailed these two vehicles. I like the fact the Halo 5 mechanic of swapping seats returned and I am especially happy that finally, the Warthogs turret does not overheat anymore. I also love the physics, I like that the hammer can send the vehicles flying. I love that the Ghost finally got its infinite boost back, and I love how it handles, it not janky to drive anymore, and feels like it stalls every 2 seconds. I also love splattering bots and people with it, it just feels a lot better than 5s.

Agreed! To compensate the ghost guns feel a lot slower than previous games which I’m fine with.

Slightly unrelated but I also really liked that the repulsor equipment actually pushes the ghost back. Not sure why that surprised me. I’ve not seen what happens head-on against a boosting ghost though.

Yea the sandbox is so smooth in this game and there are some really cool tactical things you can do with the repulsor and grapple to outplay your opponent. For instance, I have a new love of throwing a plasma and then repulsor it to make it fly faster and stick targets its really funny. I also outplayed a few people by jumping out of my warthog and repulsoring it right back into them. Very fun! A few tricks on behemoth is use the grapple under the catwalk on the lowest floor you can use some really cool momentum there. Another thing is to use the repulsor to jump up the hatch on the lowest floor to make a great sneak attack on base. Lastly you can use grapple to go down the grav lifts which is hilarious!

This sandbox is killing it! Now if only we could get more of the other equipment like threat sensor. I also saw leaks on thruster pack and I feel it needs to move a little bit quicker. One thing that seams to be occuring a lot is 1 for 1 deaths. As in I melee and my enemy melees and we both die. This reminds me a lot of halo 3 where it happened alllll the time.