I am looking for people to play with.

I have only 2 missions left. Composer, Midnight. I have a pretty good player and have a rank of SR-75 and good score on Big Team Slayer Average of 250. Time i would be coming on is everyday around 4PM CDT.

To join you must

  • Be a SR-30+.
  • Having had a average score of 150 preferably 200.
  • Never giving up and just don’t stop in the middle of a mission.Unless it is like impossible. (MOST IMPORTANT)

My Gamer Tag is PhamtomSamurai7.

BTW Must have a WORKING copy of Halo 4

The recruiting forum would probably be the best place to post this. Will get better attention there :slight_smile:

I got you. I way exceed your requirements, as do a lot of people on here, but it’s lame you’ve not gotten a response other than a redirect in about a days’ time. If you still haven’t found anyone, add me and let’s do it.