I am Looking for A Spartan Company

I recently gotten to play Halo 5, and i am looking for a decent competitive Company that plays Arena and Warzone. So post down below or P.M on Waypoint, Have a nice day.

Check us out! Thirteen Arrows might be what you desire

You are welcome to join the toxic wolves. If you want to know more about us you can look us up or fill free to message me on here or on Xbox.

Heavenly Sword is a growing gaming community that is very much active in both arena and warzone. We also host events and community tournaments that you can earn prizes. So check us out at www.heavenlyswordgming.com! You can also apply to one of the four Spartan companies, which are Heavenly Sword I, II, III, IV.

HellDrakes would be interested in seeing your skills spartan

Squad Tyr is interested in speaking to you. I’ll inbox you shortly