I am looking for a group or Clan //

Well as the title says it i am looking for a clan or group. My Xbox is a little messed up so i need to get a new one it won’t read any disc but i can make it sometimes. I have every Halo game and been playing Halo since i was six not on live of course. Been playing Xbox live since late 2010.
K/D for all Halo games & Ranks

Halo 3: 1.49 LIEUTENANT ( A lot of EXP taken away) -62
Halo Reach 1.59 Forerunner
Halo 4: 2.7 SR67

I am a decent Halo Player some people may say i Hack or Have an aim bot but not true .
Age: 17
-Yoink!-: Male
Mic: [Yes] No
Shy: [Kinda] No
Active: [Somewhat]

Well that’s pretty much it other than getting a new 360
Any questions message me or Post Thanks.