I am Looking for a good clan

I am Looking for a great Spartan and ODST clan a clan that has clan battles and Raids.
My GamerTag: Anton 044
K.D: 1.58
Weapons of choice: DMR,Pistol,AR,Sniper
Species: Human Spartan II

I will not join just any clan please give me a reason why i should join.

Anton 044

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You can check out www.adventhalo.net if you want.
We don’t have any military ranks or anything like that, but you still might be interested.

We are The Order Of Chaos a competitive clan with a community feel, we have regular custom game nights and in-clan tournaments and comps with prizes. We have teams for every playlist so there is something for everyone.

Check our website for more info The Order Of Chaos and feel free to ask any questions on here or the site.

if interested message Roni123 or s1y squirre1


UNSC Marine Corps.

How about you join the UNSC Marine Corps.? We are a Halo only clan that is themed off of UNSC Marines & ODST’s. We currently have 23 members & are rapidly growing. We do not have an armor system, so you do not have to change your Spartan armor. We do however use an emblem. This would be mandatory. You would also have to be a regular user of our website. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. If you want to join now, please click the first link below. If you want to watch our recruitment video, click the second link below. Have a good day.



Recruitment Video:


I also need new xbox live buddies removed everyone form my past clan

Check out ECG. http://ecglive.net/ we just got started up and we are looking for dedicated members.

Hey hows it going Anton? I’m banana man411. I am a member of the ImmortalKings. We are civilized group that loves to play Halo: Reach and other popular games. We are a some-what military based clan with over 110 members and counting.

We are one of the most successful clans in Reach history. We have competed in Clan seasons. We were the Clan Season Finalists for 2011, then lost against the NightWolves due to a discovered AimBot.

We have Friday and Saturday GameNights which are extremely fun. Some include: GhostBusters, Toilet, Mike Myers, and our Personal Favorite, Hot Pursuit. We play these GameNights at 7:30 PM through 11:00 PM (EST.)

If you would like to contact us, these are someways you can.

Contact Methods:

E-mail: immortalkingsclan@gmail.com


Leader: specialist261
Old Man Schwann

Our Website(Beta): The ImmortalKings

Feel free to ask anymore questions about the ImmortalKings.

You look like a good player Anton.

Have a great day!

-banana man411

Hey, I’m recruiting for a military clan called Special Operations Gaming (SOG). We try to practice everyday and we have a little testing upon joining. We have good and decent members and we try to improve anyone who joins. We ask for teamwork and some discipline. My K.D is 1.11 and my favourite weapons are the DMR, Grenade Launcher and Sniper. We had a ODST group and have some sort of spartan thing (not sure, need to ask leader). If you are interested my GT is SOG FINN and please send a message saying you saw my post on the forums. Oh, I forgot we do raid and practice raiding every once in a while.

Also I personally have gained something like 60 friends while being a part of SOG.


I almost forgot. We do also raid other Clans and take over there HQ’s. We’ve taken over at least 20 of them and we LOVE doing it. We figure out how we get in and how we keep it.

Again if you have any further questions just contact us with the Information above.

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You would be a great addition to the Forerunner Guard, we do everything from friendly scrimmages to 3 hour long custom games and of course a lot of matchmaking. The only thing we’d ask you to change would be your emblem but because we’re going through a process of changing it so as of right now you don’t need to change a thing and don’t worry about only bring able to make online at weekends, we try to get as many members involved in events/activities as we can. So check out our website and enlist now! http://forerunnerguard.forumotion.com or you can add me on live if you wish to know any more about us.

GT: Flandoboy7

So yeah. 2012 WINNER!!! IMMORTALKINGS!!!