I am liking the game...mostly.

I have been enjoying the two new game types, Regicide and Dominion (anyone else expect Jem’Hedar when they play that). Regicide is a fun twist on FFA. Dominion is a cool territories game. But I hate playing Meltdown where one side gets a Mantis and the other a Hog.

I miss the other game types though. Assault was great, VIP was fun, I even liked Headhunter and Stockpile (until they just stopped Stockpile games).

And this leads to so many questions.
Why did they remove so many game types (but make Grifball its own)?
Why cant there be more options for the main team game type, CTF? Sure, 2 flag is alright, but rather monotonous. Why can’t we vary it up a bit?

And why is the game so laggy? I can’t tell you the number of times I lose a battle because someone disappears midshot. The worst part is, I cant see if the connection is bad unless it is REALLY bad…like one step above black screen.

I have been having fun with Forge, except 343 was moronic with this.
Cool, 3 maps.
Bad, exactly same buildings/types as Reach.
Cool, each map,has unique things
Epic Fail: Options are few, one map has no unique structures, just pipes, one map might as well not have any, and the one map that is the most interesting only has 3 items that fit with the basic structures, and those 3 dont really fit with the rest. Did 343 even think about ANY of this?

But still, I have fun. I just think 343 needs some new people/ideas instead of Reach Monkeys that are recycling Reach.

And Thank You, 343, sincerely, for not having Armor Lock. That alone made Reach unplayable.