I am having trouble with the Reach req packs

I love the Halo series and when I saw I could get Noble teams armor in Halo 5 I was so happy. I read though and saw I could acquire all of Noble teams armor sets if I was to buy the pack 7 times. So I went and spent the $70 plus tax. When I looked though I saw I was missing 2 armor sets. The one that’s modeled after Carter’s armor and the noble 6 inspired set which confused me. Did I just read “Acquire 7 times for the full set” wrong. I’m not mad by any means I just want to find out what happened.

The only Noble Team armors added with the Memories of Reach pack were Indomitable (Jorge), Intruder (Kat), Wrath (Emile), and Vigilant (Jun). The Noble armors (Carter) and the Decimator armor (Noble 6) were in Halo 5 from the beginning, and have always been available in Gold/Silver packs. Below is a description of the permanent unlocks you can get from the Memories of Reach pack, listed on the purchase page on Microsoft Store:

> Items may include Mythic helmets and armor based on iconic Spartans of Noble Team: INTRUDER (Kat), INDOMITABLE (Jorge), VIGILANT (Jun), and WRATH (Emile); Jorge’s Chaingun weapon cert; or Jorge’s iconic machine gun-toting Vengeance stance. In addition, you may get special items, such as the Phaeton Helios vehicle cert or the Brute Plasma Rifle weapon cert.

So yes, in short, you misunderstood the “Acquire 7 times for the full set”, as the full set does not include Carter’s armor or Noble 6’s armor. Those you get from normal Gold packs.

I do apologize for my misunderstanding, thank you for clearing that up for me.

If you have any other issues, feel free to make a new thread.