I am feeling a little discriminated here!

I just feel this game is tailored for a certain type of mindset!

It should be for everyone not just the slow minded static! types!
Please can we not ruine the flow and momentum of the game Halo has always been free flowing like Halo 5 with thruster was awesome it gave the player the courage to be adventurous and explore the map more without getting into too much trouble without your team needing to be there every time which is not ideal in the heat of the moment also we don’t have any great senses and are heavily reliant on our team callouts its just not balanced this really needs to be addressed 343i, as it is now its like once you commit you get penalize for trying to infiltrate so camping has become the go to stance in the game and thats a shame like i said it just feels tailored this game for poaching it not well thought out rather just keeping players happy i guess now days !
Bring back the thruster and give us our timings back please 343i its more fun and exiting to play this way im sure of it .

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A. Not discrimination
B. we already have thruster
C. you dont need 2+ posts on 1 topic!

Ithink you need to shill out .