I am EXCITED for Halo’s future

New studios and new ideas!

I absolutely loved Halo from H1 to Reach.

All games since then not so much, so I am absolutely happy 343 won’t be directly making these games.

Also here’s hoping we get a new game built that’s mostly inspired from H1-H3.


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We can only hope. I do feel like 343I came close with halo infinite more than 4 and 5. But unfortunately their decision making torpedoed it for them .

Infinite was a big step in the right direction, but years of mismanagement made the game a dumpster fire visible from orbit, setting it up to be a failure


Wish I could be excited… I hope Halo gets back on track no matter what happens though. I just hope whatever happens that they stop trying to make Halo like other games and make Halo, like Halo again…