I am dying to see some co-op gameplay

I am really hoping we get to see some gameplay of coop campaign soon. I really hope they don’t limit the distance players can be from each other. However that seems more and more likely everyday. I am still excited either way, i haven’t touched the campaign since the first day of launch when I beat it!


It would be nice as with coop they also allow us to drop bots into the open world section of Zeta Halo an is there a reason we cant bring our NPC buddies with us all over Zeta Halo…!! Master Chief is a lone wolf but it’s nice having some company an escorting someone else from time to time. The chief never talks enough in game, I’m glad we got a few scenes with him talking.

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I’m wondering if it’ll be cross play campaign co-op. We’ll find out soon enough

Since I read that co-op would be with 4 clone versions of Master Chief, and not using our own spartan, I lost all interest in co-op.

Why so many months of work to end up being another more boring coop with nothing special?

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I don’t mind using clones. A squad of 4 sounds fun