The game is great, probably the most fun I have had in matchmaking since Halo 2. Nothing will ever be as much fun as lan parties with combat evolved. Is the game perfect? NO, but is any game perfect these days at launch? NO!. Sooo many cry babies on these forums, if you do not like the game get over it and go play something else. Quite trying to ruin the experience the rest of us are enjoying thoroughly. Also when you post the same s**t over and over again it is not going to convince the people that actually like the game otherwise. I LIKE LOADOUTS, AND I LIKE ORDINACNE DROPS, I LIKE AA’S, in all reality they make the game more balanced then ever before (my opinions, in which I am entitled to). Have some of the strategies changed? YES, but that is why it is a NEW game.

If you do not like active camo, use it and see what you think, if you do not like the bolt shot, use it and see what you think. YOU MAY HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR GAME UP, but that is what has gotten me more interested than normal… because it feels somewhat new and fresh.

Does the game need an update, sure it does, but give them time they are relatively new to this. If everyone truly puts their egos aside, you can put Halo 1 in your disc drive and Halo 4 in your disc drive and the bare essentials are the same. Someone that can play Halo 1 can also play 4 relatively the same. The game had to change, otherwise a whole different set of people would be here complaining in the exact same way about how the game is the same and did not change, for example COD or Madden. Look if you do not like the game cool, to each their own. Do not play it and stop complaining, because people like me love the game… and yes I have been a fan since halo CE on the original console with the huge controllers…