I am disappointed, 343

I love halo and I care about it’s future. I would never in my life consider myself a hater or have any intent to undermine this franchise, let alone discourage people from playing it.
Halo 4 and 5 was a rocky experience for most fans, I can agree. But seeing the trailers for halo infinite had my hopes up, to see that 343 is going back to basics. But amidst all these trailers and previews, I felt the sense that it was too good to be true. Lo and behold, I was right.

I have never in my life experienced a chore like Infinite’s progression system.
-I wouldn’t mind the monetization, had you not blatantly lied about it in the multiplayer overview on YouTube.
“Most content is earned through playing the game”, There are 100 items behind that battlepass, and only 66 free items, a good amount of the latter are just challenge swaps and boosts. Which aren’t really useful if you ain’t paying.
-Every level has the same XP count. Good god, this is the worst first impression you could have on new players. I didn’t think you could make grinding more monotone and forced upon a player but you somehow did it with that.
-What’s the point of the medals and objectives if they don’t affect your XP?, I could be getting 3 killionaires and carry an entire stockpile mission but the game says none of that ain’t worth jack and I should just kill some guy specifically with a mangler. this goes against cooperative play cause now you have a bunch of players ignoring objectives in favor or beating “kill x with y” challenges.
-Me and my friends expected a core-based progression system, How cool would that not be? To have trees of unlockables based on the armor cores you have. Of course we would anticipate that it maybe wouldn’t happen, but what we didn’t expect was this Single-lane, “everybody earns the same things in the same order” process. If Orwell’s “1984” was a progression system, it’d be this. No freedom, no choice. Just move along the line in the precise order and pace that 343 wants you to. Who in the right mind approved that?
It’s almost like this system was rushed in the last minute. No flexibility, no actual analysis of performance, just binary checkboxes with fixed numbers, It’s objectively LESS than what MCC has to offer. And it directly destroys teamwork in matches.

The gameplay is fantastic and fun, aside from a few issues, its definitely worth it’s salt. but the progression system is complete amateur work. unlocking armor is a massive part of halo’s community and it seems to me like you’re exploiting that for an extra buck. The community owns halo just as much as you do. And I would hate to see you turn into the next EA.


I really agree with what you said here. They could have done so much better. I still hold a little bit of hope, but sadly practices like this are commonplace in the industry so… we’ll just have to see. From one Halo fan to another, I really dearly hope that something changes drastically.

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My thing is look at rocket league. They have a rocket pass, but you still get free drops outside of anything to do with the pass.

There is still alot of work to be done with game and for the week it’s been out, I’m already done with it. Yeah I know it’s a beta, but is it? Or was this the finished product to get people hyped about the campaign’s release?

Either way I’m already heading for the door and back to rocket league.
I mean there isn’t even sensible matchmaking.