I am connecting to the wrong servers

The issue is that whenever I am playing solo or with someone with my same localization (South African) I am connecting to servers with the worst connection which is usually 250-400 ms.

When I party up with a European (British) friend I connect to their servers which is much more playable at a stable 180 ms+. I have noticed that I have local servers but I rarely play on them, like 1 out of 20 games.

The issue is I want to be able to choose the server based on connection rather than availability. I’d rather wait and deal with search times just to have an enjoyable experience rather than a lag-filled mess.

To summarise, I don’t know why it is putting me into servers that are 300+ ms rather than the European/African ones. Ideally, I’d rather choose the server or be sent to one with the best available connection to the servers.

I doubt it is as fun for me as for anyone else that has to play with me. I am killing people through walls and they are killing me before I could even re-peek them. Not fun, for anyone involved especially when I lunge only to teleport back.

I did submit the ticket but the automated message told me that this has nothing to do with support. Do I just respond with a… umm it kinda does have something to do with you or am I stuck playing 300 ms when playing solo?


Me and a friend are getting the same issue. Twice now, with the knowledge that there are local servers and the best connection otherwise to European, we have been put into matches in NA and what I’m assuming is either South American or Asian servers.

With out the ability to choose which regions to play in is unacceptable as even indie developers have such an option.

I have been having the exact same issue the whole week. For most of my games, I have a ping of 340-370, if I am lucky I will get a ping of 250. If I am really lucky (maybe once a night I get a ping of 170).

The strange thing though is that earlier this week I played two games with 5-10ms ping, which to me indicates that it does have South African-based servers, but the matchmaking does not prioritize matching us together.

It sucks as non of my friends want to play it due to the unstable match-making…

Having the same issue. Sent in a support ticket but support is unable to help with problem

This is still a big issue for me. Hope 343 fix this properly so we can it like the MCC and can filter out servers that are not in our region