I Am Confused About Creative Assembly

Basically the title. When they (assuming both 343 and Creative Assembly) both announced Halo Wars 2 at gamescon of 2015, I thought, “Sweet! We will be getting feedback from both 343 AND Creative Assembly.” It seems like the exact opposite of that statement is the truth of the matter. I search and find all these videos and streams of 343 employees promoting and explaining the game, but as far as I know (and please correct me if I am wrong), I do not see any Creative Assembly employees promoting or explaining the game. I personally would like to get the viewpoint of the actual game developer about how they developed the game and why they chose specific decisions regarding Halo Wars. Is Creative Assembly 343’s slaves because it seems like 343 is taking all the credit. I don’t know. I am just really confused about the situation. If someone could respond, I would appreciate it.

Being that it’s Halo, Microsoft’s IP, 343i probably has complete oversight on creative direction. So story, art, aesthetics are probably guided by 343i, who act as the curators of Halo.

343i is most likely in some sort of project supervisor role. All work is done by Creative Assembly after they’ve been given an outline of what needs to be done by 343i/Microsoft, who then provide ongoing feedback and adjustments.

Or so I speculate.

But it’s not quite like Creative Assembly is ghost writing this. They’ve have their employees in the vidocs, giving details and opinions.