I am an Eclipse in Reach.

I have played since the very first day of release in Reach. 9/14/2010. Am I max rank? No. I am past the normal ranks, but I am FAR from max rank, Inheritor. A few million credits still to go.

Yet, I got Halo 4 on release day, and if I keep playing as I do, I’ll reach 130 in a few monthes. In less than a year from release I’ll have got max rank.

Where’s the real end-game content for players who blow through the EXP ranks? The nigh impossible challenges, like mastering mongoose destructions, or killing people with Pulse grenades? That isn’t end-game content, that’s booster-encouragement.

I think we need a visible skill rank like in past games. I love Halo, but I play Halo because you could always work toward something in the past. Be it competitive ranks, the highest EXP rank, or whatever. As it stands in Halo 4, EXP ranks don’t last long for dedicated players, the commendations are nigh impossible to earn legit, and we have no skill ranks. The players in it for the long haul aren’t going to stick around.