I always run out


I ALWAYS run out of credits when I am Forging. because of this I don’t get to finish my maps.

Is there a way around this?

Gotta get more creative and use your credits wisely. Look for things that are not as necessary as other parts of the map to reclaim some credits if you’re having that many issues.

Thanks :slight_smile: Just a pain in the rear. Seems like all the Forge Maps I play on on LIVE have been created with unlimited Credits.

It definitely does. There isn’t any credit glitch I’m aware of, but I bet if you go into Forge with those maps, you’ll see they’re within their credit allowance.

I’m sure they are, but seriously look at the grand scale of some of them and tell me it doesn’t SEEM that way lol.

I also can never get the boundaries to work lol God I suck considering how much I love forge XD

Just try to be wise with credits, Just like Pod dust storm said, you have to be wise, That’s why when i get done with part, I leave and try to think about it, I also sketch my map plans on paper to see if i can get it done