I always get complete trash players on my team only after the ranking change. Why?

I would say I am pretty decent at Halo Infinite but for some reason I always end up queuing with people who literally have 0 brains. They don’t help with objects and have the lowest kill counts. This is frustrating

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Not just ranked even social slayer like i just finished my 5th game and lost again i had most kills on my team i just had 21 next person had like 10 the others 2 and 1…other team all 16, 14, 14, etc…like how, i want to curse so bad, Sh@@ are you at programming a working algorithm that bungie did in 10 months yet yall had 6 years… like why is your match making the worst its been… what is wrong with yall… makes no sense and i will keep bad mouthing 343 because its been 10-11 years of this, of giving halo a bad name…tf… makes no sense to me how yall are this garbage

Mite be like that so the new FTP payers have the better team and win more games to get them to want play more? Just a theory I’m probably wrong.