I always find it odd that we dont have a proper Recon chestplate.

I mean, Halo 3 had every piece of Recon - helmet, chest, shoulders.

But in Reach, whereas we still retain the helmet, a redesigned set of shoulders…

The chestplate is, yes, nowhere to be found. And dont get started on the Tactical/Recon attachment for the chest, because i didn’t think that counted as a real chestplate, ever.

There’s a whole bunch of proper chestplates like Jorge’s (forgot the name, i think it was Grenadier or something), HP/Halo, so why can’t Recon get a place in the family, too?

And if you’d like, here’s a pic of the Halo 3 Recon chest - it should , by right, also be in Reach. It’s a well designed piece.

in halo reach we were spartan III’s
we were just using prototype Recon
so it made sence

The shields and power are supplied by the suit, the scanners and communications by the helm.

The Recon and Mk.VI helms are true prototype helms meant for the Mk.VI suit. Though they are compatible with the Mk.V suits with a bios update, the Mk. VI suit permutations are not yet available for Mk.V retrofit.

EVEN THOUGH 1 month after the Fall of Reach, the Mk.VI was officiated into service. And 2 months after the Fall of Reach, the Recon suit permutations were officiated. Meaning, during Reach, the Recon and Mk.VI armour pieces are available somewhere.

I will remind, the chest units are completely different between the Mk.V and Mk.VI. The electronics are much more compact and hidden on the Mk.VI. This may prevent the chest pieces from ever being interchangeable. It’s one of those, if you have the Mk.VI chest, your suit is a Mk.VI. The rest of the suit just conducts the shield and is powered by the chest, so they can swap parts left and right. But swap the actual chest and you swap shield durability’s.

Well, the body-suits are different too. Consider the under suits as part of the chest piece that the other armour pieces and helm attach to :slight_smile: