I Actually Love Attrition

I may be in a minority here, but this gametype is extremely fun to me. I feel like as usually it would be better with BR starts, but the concept is great. It encourages teamwork and discourages rushing around trading kills. It rewards teamshots and outplays and punishes pointlessly throwing your lives away.

It’s complimentary to my preferred playstyle, which is helping people in fights, baiting and switching, and setups. I love it.

Does anyone else?


It’s just Destiny Trials/Elimination with Battle Royale barriers, so I’m pretty used to it. I just hate that 343 made the stupid decision to not only make reviving slow, but also keep you locked in place as you revive, making it extremely inferior to Destiny. Let me strafe and crouch if the revive takes this long.

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I like it too, it’s not bad. Every match I’ve played is on the map Streets though, is there other maps in this game mode?

One thing I don’t like is how you freeze for a second or two after being revived, luckily my team mate had my back when that happened.

It’s weird, I typically get either live fire or behemoth, it’s like it gets stuck

I would like Attrition better if it was SK only starts. That’s all.

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It’s an okay game mode. Certainly not my favourite but it’s a nice little change I suppose.

But why on earth is every challenge about melee this week… even the event ones

though i feel like the revive timer should be shortened by a second or two. it is a fun mode. not the most unique, sure. but it’s fun in a mode like halo. i hope it stays afterwards